CoWorking For Kids, a Computational Thinkers Company

CoWorking For Kids, a Computational Thinkers Company

Computational Thinkers

Sponsored by CoWorking For Kids, a Computational Thinkers Company The Department of Education has been working closely with state and federal agencies to safely reopen campuses for the 2020-21 school year. As parents begin preparing to develop a new work-life balance, some are struggling to figure out how to support their children with distance learning at home and continue to manage their careers. That’s where CoWorking For Kids comes in! CoWorking For Kids is a Computational Thinkers company, serving as a spin off of its Computer Science Education services. The new program aims to help parents bring some sense of balance with these new education challenges. It provides students with a co-working space to help them get back to work and help parents feel comfortable knowing their kids are safe while learning. “We opened up our second physical location off Dole Street, near UH,” says Samantha Kimsey, owner of Computational Thinkers. “Our center is a place where students K-12 can come and use our devices, bring their own devices or no devices, attend their online classes and complete their assignments that are given to them by their classroom teachers on their distance learning days.” “It kind of gets boring just talking to people online versus just talking to people in person,” says student Erin Wong. “It’s more you’re actually living your life, not just in a screen.” CoWorking For Kids is offering memberships like a traditional co-working space or a gym membership. “Everyone’s schedule will be different,” says Kimsey. “Parents can choose to have their little ones attend between two, three or five days a week.” While CoWorking For Kids stops at 2:30 p.m., it begins offering after school programs at 3 p.m. “That’s where vendors like Bricks4Kids, Hawaii Dance Bomb, Computational Thinkers and others will be at our center offering their classes from 3 to 5:30,” Kimsey explains. For more information:

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