CoWorking Community

CoWorking Community

Dear CoWorking Family,

On Friday August 28th our CoWorking Staff came into the center, as we usually do, bright and early ready to get our CoWorking underway. Unfortunately we quickly discovered that sometime during the night our center had been broken into. Glass peppered our stairwell, the door stood ajar, and after contacting our Senior Staff and the authorities, we discovered our entire inventory of ipads and laptops had been stolen. Being, quite literally, robbed of the resources our center has dedicated to helping local children and families was extremely upsetting. Needless to say the experience was unsettling and violating. Our goal at CoWorking for Kids is to bring our community together, in safe practices, while we all navigate the uncertainties of COVID-19. To have our space so disrespected was truly disheartening. However, out of this unfortunate situation has come some beautiful examples of community aid and cooperation. Through the dedicated and impeccable work of the local Criminal Investigation Detail we have been able to relocate eleven of our stolen laptops and three of the iPads. CoWorking was also contacted by several local news stations to cover our story which has created a wealth of positive feedback, messages of encouragement, and offers of help from families and private community members. All of which we are very grateful for.

Although upsetting CoWorking for Kids has picked itself up, dusted off, and resumed our CoWorking operations as of Monday August 31st. As always the safety of our students and staff is our number one concern so we will be making arrangements for additional safety measures in repairing the damage done, and preventing future incidents.

We would like to take a moment to thank the Criminal Investigation Detail, Hawaii News Now, and KITV, for their coverage and help in sharing our story and enabling the recovery of the stolen property. We would also like to extend a thank you to everyone who has shown our center encouragement, words of support, or offered to help us recover and move forward. Thank you!


CoWorking For Kids

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