Distance Learning Has Challenges

Supporting a distance learner at home can be a challenge. Sharing devices, slower internet speeds, and being the tech support all while managing your own career.

How we help!

Instead of students (members) attending distance learning classes at home they distance learn with us and our team of Technology Advisors (TA’s).  We provide the technology and ensure our members maintain a schedule and routines, much like a regular school day they have grown accustomed to.

How do I get started?

Pondering Father 1. How often will you CoWork
vector classroom 2: Attending classes after 2:30?
Step 3: No to classes? Need Care++?
4. Purchase a Membership
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5. Schedule CoWorking Days
vector classroom 6. Book into Classes
7: Schedule Care++ & lunch
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8. Download teamUp App!

Select your CoWorking Membership Plan

Every membership can be upgraded with:

  • Extended care classes running between 2:30pm and 5:30pm
  • Add Care++ (free for registered extended class members)
  • Add Daily Lunches

$4.00/hr CoWorking Day Basic PassSingle member, basic day pass$30.00

  • $30/day (= $4.00/hr)
  • $157.07/week
  • Bring your own tech
  • Bring your own lunch

$4.66/hr CoWorking Day Plus PassPlus pass includes CoWorking with lunch$35.00

  • $35/day (= $4.66/hr)
  • $183.25/week
  • Bring your own tech
  • Healthy lunch provided by the Happy Bento

$5.33/hr CoWorking Premium Day PassCoWorking that includes lunch and tech$40.00

  • $40.00/day (= $5.33/hr)
  • $209.42/week
  • Dedicated MacBook (laptop) use for the full day
  • Healthy Lunch Provided by the Happy Bento