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Your off campus school house 7:30am to 2:30pm

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Hold on, this is about to get bumpy!  Current software system providers (known as ‘White labeled Software‘ )  are a great solution that get you up and running quickly, compared to building a system from scratch.  One downsides to using a white labeled software system is that they are not always as customizable as we may need.    As a result, some terms on our registration pages don’t really match up completely.  Take a look at the vocabulary section to get a better idea.


Course:  This is what you might consider a class:  dance class, art class, etc.   We are using the term course in this system for what we typically call a class.  Okay, Okay, that’s palatable.  Not too bad.

Class:  Now it’s about to get weird.  In this system, a “CoWorking Day” is referenced in the system as a “class”.  Cringe!  I know, it’s going to be weird.  You are going to get all kinds of emails that say you are “Booked” into a class but yah yah, we know …  it’s not a “class“.  It’s scheduled CoWorking.

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